Live Escape Game: “Around the World in 80 minutes!”

An original outdoor adventure where each team has to solve riddles relying on the assets of the group: focus, keeping cool, be creative, skillful and fast!

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Great Live Escape Game: become the winners of the PHILEAS FOGG TROPHY

How started our original Live Escape Game scenario?

The most exciting challenges of Human History are linked to traveling: great inventions and continents discovery by land, by sea or by air. Along the centuries, mankind had to prove abilities to overcome obstacles et constantly improve performances.

The most famous clever traveller of all was born from French novelist Jules Verne’s imagination. His Name : PHILEAS FOGG.

Today we revisit together the « Around the World » adventure in a more contemporary fashion and will launch the challenge to succeed in 80 minutes instead of 80 days!


Based on the experience of a traditional indoor Escape Game, we have developped a totally new concept with this outdoor version of the group activity. Insisting on the Team Building aspect, we have adapted the concept to our Corporate Clients. Contact us 


The story starts at « The Airport » where 8 teams of participants gather to receive an activity brief: PASSE-PARTOUT / TANKADERE / REFORM-CLUB / JEJEEBHOY / JULES V / SIOUX / MALEBAR-HILL / CROMARTY.

Team’s Captains are given a certain number of tools & accessories that will be used (or not! ) during the game.

The journey counts 4 compulsory destinations such as Los Angeles, Mumbay, Hong-Kong or Dublin, as well as bonus transit locations full of surprises. Each « landing » opens to new adventures and funny tests that teams have to pass successfully if they wish to exit, carry on their journey and eventually win the race. One final game put all teams together for a general joyful ending and Trophy remittances.

Live Escape Game: on the board!