Teambuilding: definition and examples


” What is teambuilding exactly? Why and how to run such activity with your group? Let’s try to set a definition and propose some examples of teambuilding activities with various approaches.”

  1. Teambuilding: what are we talking about?

As soon as one mentions Group, teambuilding dimension occurs. Each participant within the group has to get recognized from the others. Each participant has to be made aware of the existence of the group, that he or she belongs to the group and takes a significant part of its function. To build up this awareness becomes a challenge that should face every group leader to achieve positive results in time.


  1. Teambuilding: which objectives?

Communication within the group, efficiency of a process followed by everyone according to what was decided are the main objectives of a teambuilding session. The enhancement of these two major concepts is what one wants to measure after running some teambuilding effort. In a Corporate environment, an activity with teambuilding purposes submitted to the employees of a Company already knowing each other has to demonstrate the strength of the group without failure or place for doubt. The positive effect of mutual collaboration should show by the end of the session and nice feeling be shared by all participants. This special time spent together will also ease conflicts – sometimes reveal tensions that should be analysed and worked on in future sessions.


  1. Teambuilding: how to plan a suitable program?

If you wish to include teambuilding sessions within a seminar program, we suggest combining half-day work and half-day activity to maintain the attention of the group at all time. Full day activities are more likely to be of an incentive nature rather than pure teambuilding (cf. chapter 5). It is advised to plan a short introduction to highlight the benefits of the activity prior to action. This will help demonstrate the achievement of the challenge. A complete change of setting is also a good thing to start your activity on neutral ground. Going out of the Company facilities participates to the success of the program.


  1. Teambuilding: some ideas for Corporate groups

A very large range of activities can bear teambuilding values: they could be ice-breakers, mind games, creative & building workshops, team sports, experiment, record breaking, etc.   Calling different skills than usual will reveal new qualities from participants in the eyes of their peers. This rewarding process anchors positive perception of all individuals composing the group. Depending on group size, location, budget and goal to achieve, a great teambuilding program is designed for each group especially. No one should feel unease, intimidated or unable to run the full course of event. Sport will be accessible (an electric assistance for biking, for instance), Workshop will be fun, Coaching will be professional.


  1. Teambuilding or Incentive? How to make the difference?

Even if both are used to improve the attachment of Staff to their employing Company, it is important not to confuse the two kinds of activity. Incentives have as sole purpose to entertain and reward the participants. Teambuilding session targets an increased motivation to work by developing group cohesion along with recognition. Jet ski excursion will stand for an incentive as orienteering race will definitely lead to teambuilding.


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