Ethics, sustainable development and CSR

Adapted responses from Activ Provence

Events are of very diverse nature and lead us to solve many logistic problems. For 17 years of operation, we have encourage our Staff to respect the values ​​of our Company at all time.

Company ethics:

First of all, it is Human relationships that bind us to our Clients.

Without them, we would not exist as a professional Agency. Sometimes stressful situations may occur so we have to stay aware and respect strict rules to protect our Clients and their environment at all time during an event.  The quality of our responsiveness embodies the added value of Activ Provence.

Listening to our Clients, building a trustworthy relationship, maintain team spirit, honesty, friendliness, and professionalism, those are the values that shape our daily working lives.

Respecting the environments in which we operate:

These environments are of extreme diversity: congress centers, hotels, National Parks, private villas, urban public premises, corporate sites, incoming venues, etc. The unusual, unexpected and absence of routine is the essence of our job and we like it!

Provence, Alps & French Riviera region is rich of thousands of Natural & historical treasures, to our delight.

Whatever the place of operation, our team will do its very best to ensure our presence (sometimes with more than 500 people …) leaves no trace, if not wonderful memories!

Social responsibility in business :

In our office, our involvement regarding to sustainable development is straight forward:

Avoid paper printing whenever possible, systematically recycled if printing is unavoidable.
Stop producing paper brochures or commercial document since 2007.
Uses of laptops to limit electricty consumption
Extinction of electrical appliances off the office hours
Reversible air-conditioning system with high energy efficiency (high insulation quality)
Establishing partnerships with local providers for all of our purchases.

Sustainable development :

We focus the development of new activities with recyclable raw materials. For example, “Giant Cardboard Construction” uses only recycled cardboard and scotch. These materials are used for construction and recycled again.
We invite our customers to avoid motored transport in urban areas, where it is not necessary.