Creative Painting Workshop

Call Art and Creation to federate your Staff!
Painting workshops guarantee great achievement of team-building goals.

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Here is an absolute classic of a Team-Building process and there is a true satisfaction to watch its efficiency every time!


Very successful, our painting workshops can take place equally indoor or outdoor and gather up to very large Groups. Combining team work, discipline and creative skills, participants have to implement their personal talents to match with the group and finally manage a collective production everybody can be proud of.

Top Team-Building: the Giant Fresco


Creating a giant fresco can take many forms. We adapt the logistic and process according to your dedicated time to the painting activity and the Group size. Based on a pre-defined theme (the Company ethics for example) or based on your logo and/or campaign slogan, our team of artists prepare a frame, a canvas that each participant will contribute to and make it their own as a group by the  end of the workshop.


We can suggest several options, including:

Timing: 1 hr to 1.5 hr, with 80 to 100 participants: 4 m x 1 m painting, pre-cut as jigsaw pieces.


The group is divided into teams who have to paint jigsaw pieces following a few strict rules. The fresco reveals itself step by step. Our artists-animators can take care of the final touch if necessary.


Timing: 3 hrs, with 200 participants:   4 m x 2 m painting, free expression patches.


Each team contribute to the creation after some time to think, discuss, make draft and trials.