African Drums Workshop

Full of energy, this musical workshop is very rewarding.
Helped by the Leader, the Group will manage unexpected harmony from total inexperience, proud to realise how good they sound together!

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Music : an original approach to the Corporate world


Music can touch the heart and is a good medium to carry transmission & collaboration values.


Inspiring, motivating, the African Drums workshop is an excellent team-building activity. Each participant is provided with a djembe drum and will follow step by step the insructions of the musical Coach. Through smml games, he will slowly take the Group to a formidable achievement.

Focus on listening & synergy


The priorities of this workshop are:  


    • Tonic and uplifting activity. Good mood, smiles, help your neighbour, challenge yourself: so many positive assets to put in motion for a group working together.
    • Instant reward thanks to listlening the group achievement
    • Complete change of habits: This activity takes participants to open their horizon and discover their working fellows differently. It enhance new talents and boost self-confidence.


The target of the workshop is to live a group experience and meet the challenge as one entity. Each person realises the potential host within a collective action. African drums are accessible to all levels, it can be done by non-musicians.


Possible to run indoor or outdoor, with or without video capture.