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The Provence Cooking Battle

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Cooking workshop “à la carte”… 


Choose from our range of cooking workshop to be done in Provence, near Marseille.

The art of cooking became very fashionable when cooking shows multiplied on TV all around the World. It didn’t fade out and kept the attractivity intact, especially in regions where local Cuisine is an important part of the Culture.


Such is the South of France. Provence cuisine has an extraordinary impact and influence over reknowned Chefs across the Globe. Using Olive oil and fresh various vegetables, it is considered as very healthy and balanced.


Cooking is a pleasure at the same time as a challenge – and a rewarding one when successful! That is why we include the activity in our team-building programs. Excellent way to put people together, to highlight personal & collective talents, cooking workshops are suitable to all groups profiles and can be broken down into different options, for all kind of budgets.

The Cooking Battle


Exciting team challenge, our Cooking Battle is a memorable activity, loved by all participants thanks to a fun atmosphere and competition spirit. Here, priority to DIY & personal knowledge! The animation Staff can advise but never interfere with recipes realisation. Strict game rules are given to all teams at the beginning of the activity, a large range of ingredients & tools to be inspired and creative. Then the timer is on. A few difficulties are launch along the way to spice up the task. Pressure and good laugh guaranteed! The winning team will be designated by our juge & jury.


This activity is perfect to have the group prepare aperitif bites + starters  of one Lunch or Dinner. It is not recommanded to have them prepare an entire meal… there will also be loosing teams for probable good reasons!


Cooking workshop


Playful and educational activity, groups up to 30 participants are preparing a whole meal (starter / main course / dessert) supervised by a Chef and professional Staff. Basic skills, knowledge of ingredients & seasonning, cooking, plate presentation…. So many tips to go back home with and impress friends & family! The workshop ends with sharing Lunch prepared by the group in a friendly atmosphere. 




Cooking lesson with a Michelin starred Chef


Approach the secrets of high French gastronomy. Adapted for small high profile groups (6 to 8 participants), the preparation of a gastronomic meal is happening in front of your eyes, preceded by a commented tour in the vegetable garden or to a market in order to gather the fresh ingredients. Part of the action is done exclusively by the Chef if highly technical – insuring of the outstanding quality of the dish – otherwise the group will help out and learn precious skills.  The opportunity of a meeting with an inspiring professional, to appreciate an amazing meal and to feel really privileged.

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