Land & Sea Rally Game

Diverse and very representative of the coastal region in Provence,
our Land & Sea Rallye will highly please all your Guests, whatever their level or experience on the starting line. Everybody gets to win a lot of fun!

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If your looking for an exciting overday activity for a relative large group, our Land & Sea Rally can be the perfect solution!


Splitting the group in two, one half will play on land (on foot, on e-bikes, by vintage cars…) while the other half take speed boats to play on the Sea side.  Lunch gathers everybody and a switch of activity is done after Lunch so each team can complete their participation to the game.


This is a magic recipe to appreciate the area of Marseille & the Calanques National Park, the Blue Coast Line, Porquerolles Island, Saint-Tropez region, and many more dream destinations!


Challenge & competition spice up the program. Quizz, mini-workshops, regional products tastings,… many activities are submit to the participants to enhance their experience of the day and get them the chance to win a nice present as a souvenir!