Planning Product Launch event in the south of France

Product Launch Marseille

The Product Launch is an event that occurs as an important phase of a much broader marketing plan. This is a major step where designers and producers meet potential customers.
Thats why nothing should be left to chance and our Agency can provide required standards.

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The need for one “Before” and one “After” the Product Launch

It’s almost the essence of the word Event that characterizes a Product Launch. Indeed, this is time to make an impression and create a buzz!

All of your prospects need to seize the importance and learn everything you want them to learn about the new product or service. In order to achieve these goals, your challenge is to ensure the presence of as many guests as possible at the event. Our challenge is to deploy all required services and talents to have them live a flawless memorable program, previously agreed with you.

Give you absolute peace of mind at one strategic time

Our agency endeavours to let you measure the impact of the new product on your guests, without ever being distracted by the logistics of your event.

Everything is prepared in advance thanks to close work between your services and our Project Manager. He/She will be your main contact for clear communication purpose. On D-Day, the activities, workshops and meetings will take place according to a precise plan, without bothering you at all. Our Staff is experienced and know how to be discreet from the setting time to the uninstall phase by the end of the event.

Available services

  • Venue Finder and venue booking
  • Communication design, printing and installing
  • High-tech video setting
  • Sound & light, creation of soundscape
  • Stage, microphone and equipment for speech
  • Set-up and furniture
  • Catering & bar
  • Group entertainments
  • Welcome & information desk, hostesses, badges and goodies, cloakroom, parking management, security, hygiene


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