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Laser Game / Paint Ball

Indoor or Outdoor, pick your version of combat game! Competitive activity, perfectly adapted to short fun breaks while on working seminar.

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Here are different activities based on the same game’s rules: two teams oppose each other on a “battlefield” and fight with either paint bullet gun or laser gun, trying to hit enemy targets. Technology involved is specific to each activity, but the excitement and challenge stays the same. Excellent to relieve stress!

Indoor Laser Game


This shooting simulation game is sophisticated and takes place in a maze room where several players try to gain a maximum of points by hitting the light targets on adversaries’ vest. Special effects, mirrors and futurist setting spice up the game.

Outdoor Laser Game


Very different environment for this version of the shooting game. This time, teams play on a terrain full of obstacles and traps. Players wear a helmet equipped with sensors that helps them to find “enemies” on the battlefield.

Night Outdoor Laser Game


Dare the challenge of a night laser game! Bewitching activity, adrenaline guaranteed!



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