Group Incentive: orienteering race group in Provence

Orienteering Races Provence

Great involvement and high team spirit for this activity that can take several forms and be
organized in very different environments. Orienteering races are excellent choice for large groups, wherever they are accommodated in Provence, Alps or French Riviera!

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Urban orienteering race challenge


Most Cities in the South of France benefit from beautiful historical town centres. Activ Provence Event & Travel creates original and exclusive orienteering races, especially made for Corporate Groups.
Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Toulon, Avignon… as many locations and so much more we have designed rally maps where we spread tags to be found by the teams along the streets or nearby significant monuments.

A playful way to explore your seminar site and unfamiliar destination!


Separated in teams of 5 to 9 people, the group will play for approximately 2.5 hours, developping different tactics and using the whole range of skills of their team Members.


During the game, some challenges give the opportunity to score bonus points: petanque game, blind tasting, regional quizz, musical blind test, etc…


Example of location for orienteering challenges:


Group size can be as large as 150 participants!

Nature Orienteering Race


This active and playful activity let the group embrace an amazing natural environment, keeping busy all the time. The urge of decision making leads to a constant interaction between team members and requires absolute agreement. Listen to and agree with each other to carry on, one of the basics in Corporate team-building programs!


After a short safety briefing, teams are firstly chasing 3 markers, easy to find in order to get everyone comfortable with the compass & map process. Once this step is successfully achieved, teams are racing to find other markers spread on a dedicated territory.

  •  Playground: it can be an island, a Mountain, the Calanques National Park, some vineyards, a pine forest…
  •  3 or 5 participants per team: uneven number of participants per team helps decision making process
  • Groups from 30 to 100 participants or more
  •  No specific level of fitness is required: challenge can be done walking, jogtrotting or running (or all of the above)






Activ Provence Event & Travel operates everywhere in the French south-east region. Feel free to ask for bespoke group program and rates, send your demand HERE.



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