Giant Cardboard Construction | Building an ephemeral giant house

Giant Cardboard Construction

You are looking for a team-building activity involving everyone at the same time and producing instant effect?
Giant cardboard construction is definitely the way to go!

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Oversized cardboard construction: here is a GREAT team-building activity!


Building an ephemeral giant house made of recycled cardboard is a group adventure that could put everybody together for a long time. The workshop for cardboard construction is only 3 hours long but relationships and communication implemented at that time would live and grow way longer after it is over. The action at the center of this workshop is the essence of what it means to work together: the power of the collective to achieve incredible results.


Rules are straight forward:


  • our architect team designs a map of a structure representative of the Company (house, boat, cathedral, lighthouse, etc.).
  • The group is divided into team and leaders are designated.
  • Leaders are receiving some building instructions and have to pass them onto their team
  • Step by step the structure is getting built
  • Time for customizing and taking group pictures with the materpiece




Key points about this team-building activity:


    • everybody can and has to participate
    • pride & collective strengh feelings for all participants
    • easy to implement for large or very large groups (up to 500 participants)
    • everybody finds a position: leaders, contributors, refiners, entertainers, artists, etc.

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