Citroen 2CV Rally in Provence

An iconic French experience, a fun and friendly way to explore the region of Provence: go for our 2CV Rally adventure!

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Try an irreplaceable vintage vehicle!



On board of some colourful Citroen 2CV, go for a great drive throughout the picturesque roads of Inland Provence or by the Mediterranean sea coast and participate to a Rally game that adds to the fun.

Explore Provence and boost the Team spirit within your Group


Our 2CV Rally is the perfect activity to combine sightseeing and team-building.


Based on a driving exclusive & tailor-made itinerary, this orientation game consists in finding tags spread all over a perimeter with the help of a map and rules to follow. Participants also have to face mini-challenges on route. Each team from 3 to 4 people (one team = one car) attempt to gain a maximum of points and the winners are declared by the end of the Rally.


Key points about this activity :

  • Sharing skills & genegal knowledge between the Members of a same Team
  • Enhance team-building, efficient and friendly ice breaker
  • Appreciate local landscapes and meet local producers, eventually visit some cultural or artistic sites
  • “So French” iconic experience, always appreciated by multi-cultural Groups

Bespoke itineraries


Several areas from the Provence – Alps – Riviera Region are possible to run our 2CV Rally. Whenever possible, we like to start the game from your selected Hotel to avoid any extra transfer. Our maps give priority to beautiful small roads, panoramic views and medieval villages crossing.


The safety & driving briefing is provided by our Team before departure.


We can run half-day or full day Rally (including Lunch), with a minimum of 5 vehicles and up to 25 vehicles.